Melcalin Glico


Melcalin Glico promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates.
It can be considered useful in maintaining acceptable levels of blood glucose and in order to improve the renal function whose first symptom of damage is represented by the presence of albumin in urine, in the most serious cases diabetes leads to kidney failure with accumulation of nitrogenous wastes and retention of liquids with edema in the extremities.

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Melcalin GLICO is indicated in the control of hyperglycemia and as an aid in diabetic therapy.

The research was interested in the study of Syzygium Jambolanum, a plant traditionally used in the treatment of diabetes, and confirmed the effectiveness of its extracts in lowering blood glucose levels. Vaccinium myrtillus is used in folk medicine to treat diabetes, in confirmation of this property there are studies that have found a decrease in plasma glucose levels by about 26% and greater sensitivity to insulin.
The vasoprotective and anti-edema properties of some of the cranberry active compounds, anthocyanins, are important because they have been shown to have significant affinity for certain tissues, in particular for the kidneys. These substances seem to be also effective in preventing the increase of the capillary filtration of albumin.

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