Melcalin VProtein


Melcalin VProtein is a food supplement containing Chlorella pyrenoidosa that helps the body’s natural defences and depurative functions and also has an antioxidant action.

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Many studies suggest that a food supplement containing Chlorella pyrenoidosa can be helpful in keeping the health preserving as effective your immune system; the seaweed in fact is able to lead to the modulation of the immune response through the activation of monocytes.
Chlorella is to be considered a good agent for chelating heavy metals such as nickel, copper, cadmium, chromium and mercury; it is also a source of vitamins, minerals, protein and amino acids, some of which are essential as lysine, threonine, leucine, and other such as alanine, arginine, serine and glutamic acid and, given the high concentration of carotenoids, also a good antioxidant.

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